Matara Fashion

Matara is a modern concept creating contemporary Abayas for elegant woman for every occasion. From traditional to catwalk, every Abaya is a masterpiece enhanced with details and craftsmanship.
Our identity is rooted in the culture of this land while at the same time embracing innovation for the confident woman of today.

The design and production team is led by our Creative Director who is wanderer at heart and has traveled around the world. From designing haute couture and handmade suits in Napoli to presenting innovative Abaya collections, he has served in the fashion industry for more than 15 years. His love of travel and passion for fashion lends itself perfectly to designing innovative, but classy Abayas. He is ably supported by a multi-national team of craftsmen individually selected for their expertise in their respective domains.

The international exposure of our team is often the inspiration behind the concepts of our collections. Elegance is an underlying theme of our entire range. Every Abaya is created to give you, its wearer a charisma which comes with feeling confident of one’s persona.

We also create bespoke Abaya that is conceptualized, designed, fashioned and manufactured just for you. Each Abaya has its own individual design statement which is made under very high exacting standards.

We welcome you to drop in to our store in Mirdif 35 to give you a peak into the thought process and level of detail that goes into the production of each piece.

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