Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani

Chairman of Index Holdings

“Mirdif 35 is not a mall, it is a different concept, it is luxurious and extremely selective of all the brands who reside in it, Mirdif 35 is here to serve the community at the highest standard.”

His Excellency Sami Al Qamzi

Director General of DED in Dubai

“Mirdif 35 is a real service, it is a high-end unique product that is the right model for the community, it’s the perfect fit for the people of Dubai.”

Takako Saito

Executive Director of Chateraise Holdings

“All of our products are made from natural ingredients and they are full of flavor. We care about our customers which is the same ethics of Mirdif 35; they want to give the community and their clientele a lifestyle center to take care of themselves.”

Talal Al Rashed

Social Media Influencer

“I love Mirdif 35! The architecture by itself is amazing; it is modern and artistic in the heart of a residential area. Brilliant!”

Junji Nakao

Director at Japan External Trade Organization

“This is the best place in the community! Truly, it goes to the heart of the people and the community from the heart of Mirdif. “

Ienobu Kaneko

Owner and Consultant of Ju One

“I feel so sophisticated and grand whenever I am in Mirdif 35. Everything here is hand picked and you can feel it.”