About Mirdif 35


Mirdif 35, 60C Street Overlooking Khawaneej road, opposite Arabian Center, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours

Sun-Wed 10am – 10pm Thurs – Sat 10am – 12am



Mirdif 35 is a lifestyle center that caters to the community around it. Located in the heart of Mirdif, this lifestyle center is an innovative concept that brings together a bouquet of handpicked outlets which vary from food and beverage, fitness and health, as well as lifestyle and beauty services; all under one roof.

Mirdif 35 was created to add value to the community and provide individuals with a place to unwind and pamper themselves away from the busy mall experience and the fast paced city life. Mirdif 35 offers the community an upgrade in lifestyle services where they no longer need to drive to the other side of town to get these services, residents now can enjoy the best outlets in town within a walking distance from their home.

The two-story building consists of the Ground Level dedicated to high-end Food and Beverage outlets and basic retail services. Level one hosts elite fitness and grooming services to Mirdif 35 clientele; whereas the second level will be dedicated to health and beauty.

While community centers across the UAE are plenty, Mirdif 35 ensures to prioritize the experience complimented by convenience.

Mirdif 35 is proud to be a sustainable development and is a LEED GOLD certified building which distinguishes the building in the friendly neighborhoods:

  • It has adaptive plants: Local and adaptive species to promote bio-diversity and optimal water use.
  • 40% less water: Efficient water fixtures and onsite waste water treatments that help reduce potable water consumption by 40%.
  • Light roof: Very high heat reflective roof material for better microclimate.
  • Ozone friendly: Eco-friendly refrigerant in AC system to reduce global warming.
  • 75% waste recycled / re-used: 75% of construction waste has been re-used or recycled.
  • 15% building material recycled: 15% of building material is manufactured from recycled material.
  • Fuel efficient: Preferred car parking lots to promote fuel efficient and carpool vehicles.
  • Real time CO2 levels: Monitoring real-time CO2 levels for better air quality.
  • 25% more efficient: 25% energy savings with the help of efficient envelope, chillers, solar system and lighting.
  • Non-Toxic: Building uses non-toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • Low VOC – Better air quality: Low emitting interior chemical products for occupants’ wellbeing.
  • Ultra-efficient air filtration: Ultra efficient air filters in AC system for occupants’ wellbeing.

Behind the name of Mirdif 35 lies a historic story. The number 35 represents the year 1935 in which Khansaheb – the founders of the lifestyle center – was established. The founders who have always been keen to add value to the society, the economy, the environment as well as the individual, infused their entrepreneurial spirit in this project to emphasize that a good project is a project that adds value to the community around it.

Khansaheb’s vision is to continue adding value to the UAE through delivering quality developments and products that aim at enhancing life in all its aspects: Economical, environmental, social and individual.

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